Health foods

Bambu® coffee alternative
100g $ 15.83 More info
Tasty, instant and caffeine free alternative to coffee. O [...]
BioSnacky Mini greenhouse
bioSnacky mini greenhouse seed sprouter
3 tier sprouter $ 100.81 More info
Use seed spouters to grow your own sprouts.OUT OF STOCK
BioSnacky Original germinator
3 tier sprouter $ 79.05 More info
Use seed spouters to grow your own sprouts.
BioSnacky Small plastic germinator
biosnacky small plastic sprouter
1 tier sprouter $ 42.79 More info
Use seed spouters to grow your own sprouts.
Herbamare cubes (8)
8 cubes $ 9.69 More info
Organic vegetable stock concentrate.
Herbamare low sodium cubes (8)
8 cubes $ 9.69 More info
Vegetable stock concentrate, low in salt.
Herbamare Original (125g, 250g, 500g)
Original 250g $ 11.31 More info
Herb seasoning salt - delicious with every meal
Herbamare Plantaforce
250g $ 23.08 More info
Concentrated organic vegetable bouillon.
Herbamare Plantaforce low sodium
200g $ 26.15 More info
Concentrated vegetable bouillon.
Herbamare Spicy (125g, 250g)
125g $ 9.74 More info
Contains chilli, pepper and horseradish
Herbamare® Diet Low Salt
125g $ 13.08 More info
Our well-known Herbamare® made with potassium chloride - for those on a low [...]
Kelpamare Seasoning Sauce 85ml
85ml $ 13.85 More info
Made with soy sauce and vegetable extracts.


8 healthy, hearty and delicious homemade soups.

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