BioSnacky® Sprouting Seeds and Sprouters
Want to Learn How To Grow Sprouts All Year Round?

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    Learn more about our different varieties of seeds plus links to delicious recipes.

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    Sprouting seeds is a natural process that depends on the right supply of moisture, light and air. Sprouting tips

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    BioSnacky sprouters make growing your own sprouts very easy and affordable.

Sprouting Seeds and Sprouters

A.Vogel offers a whole range of top-quality organic sprouting seeds and BioSnacky® sprouters so you can grow your own fresh sprouts and fine herbs indoors all year round.

Introduction to bioSnacky

Fresh food in its pure, original form is good for the body and mind. Small, unimposing bioSnacky® seeds develop into sprouts full of vitality that offer an abundance of taste experiences.

The little sprouts are a lively enrichment to any meal, adding a lovely visual touch and nourishing our taste buds and bodies, thanks to their versatility.

There are no limits to their use in warm meals and salads. Set your imagination free and try adding some sprouts for that special touch:
with canapés, crunchy salads, delicious casseroles, pancakes, omelettes, burgers, soups, dips and even muesli. Or add to noodles, rice, vegetables, fish and meat dishes – pure indulgence!

Sprouting made easy - with bioSnacky®!

From the seed to the table – simple and tasty

Sprouts are very young plants, one stage up from seed, emerging a few days after seeds germinate. 

Seeds are a storehouse of energy and nutrients, containing everything that is needed for the early stages of a plant’s growth. When a seed starts to sprout, nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) contained in it become available in a living form. 

Sprouts can be eaten raw or cooked. Many people will be familiar with bean sprouts used in Chinese cooking. However, other types of sprouts are also popular in countries such as Switzerland where, for example, alfalfa sprouts are often seen in salads.

The A.Vogel bioSnacky® sprouting seeds for strong, tender sprouts are:

  • Sourced from controlled organic production
  • Untreated
  • Free from additives
  • Free from genetic engineering
  • As crunchy and fresh as straight from your own garden
  • Very easy to cultivate at a low cost

The smallest greenhouse in the world – bioSnacky® germinator

The bioSancky glass germinator – the super easy starter device!
Apart from cress, all bioSnacky® sprouting seeds are suitable for the glass germinator. The first step is to soak them in plenty of water for a few hours. Follow this link for on precise information on the variety.

The bioSnacky® Original seed sprouter: – the classic model for sprout enthusiasts. Three Seed Trays: Large, transparent seed trays enable you to cultivate up to 3 different types of seeds at the same time in your bioSnacky® germinator. Or, if you prefer, you may harvest continually by staggering the sowing of seeds.

All bioSnacky® germinators are easy to use and clean, can be washed in the dishwasher, are free from pollutants and suitable for foods.
The plastic parts are made from environmentally friendly and UV-resistant acrylic.