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Seven harmful effects of coffee on our body

Many people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee... But are you aware of the effects of high doses of caffeine on your system?

Decreased iron absorption

The presence of tannin in coffee may reduce the absorption of iron in foods when you drink coffee during a meal.

Aggravates osteoporosis

Coffee is bad for bone health. Heavy coffee consumption has a significant diuretic effect and, as such, increases the depletion of minerals from your body, including calcium. Vitamin D is extremely important in fighting decalcification, particularly for those who drink large amounts of coffee. More on Osteoporosis

Difficulty sleeping

Drinking coffee too late in the day can affect the quality of your sleep and cause insomnia. The effects of caffeine take six hours to wear off.

Irritability and agitation

Excessive amounts of caffeine stimulate the nervous system, which can cause irritability, anxiety, agitation, headaches, palpitations and dizziness.

Acid reflux

Coffee's acidity causes acid reflux or heartburn in many people.

High blood pressure

People who suffer from hypertension are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine and experience an increase in blood pressure.


We have the impression that coffee gives us energy, but when the caffeine leaves our body, we actually have less energy and can become moodier. So we drink another cup. It's a vicious cycle.

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