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Cocowhip Vegan Sauce Very Berry

Cocowhip Vegan Sauce Very Berry


$ 13.44

A delicious vegan very berry sauce used as a topping for CocoWhip! Enjoy as a delicious, guilt-free topping on your favourite desserts!
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Comfrey Cream


$ 15.88

Naturally hydrates & brightens tired, dry, ageing skin. Made from fresh herbs.
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Cough and bronchial Congestion Relief

Cough and Bronchial Congestion Relief


$ 23.87

Used for the temporary relief of bronchial coughs and mucus congestion.
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Dentaforce mouthwash

herbal mouthwash


$ 20.02

A natural, herbal alternative to standard mouthwashes for good oral hygiene.
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Echinacea Cream

Echinacea cream


$ 15.88

Use as often as needed before applying make-up, after shaving to help reduce skin inflammation or to assist in healing minor cuts, …
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Echinacea toothpaste

Echinacea herbal toothpaste


$ 14.71

A herbal toothpaste containing fresh extracts of Echinacea purpurea and other organically grown herbs.
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