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Herbamare Plantaforce low sodium

Plantaforce low sodium


$ 14.70

Low salt vegetable stock paste to make soups and vegetable stock. Certified organic ingredients.
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Herbamare Spicy 125g

Herbamare Spicy


$ 7.35

Herbamare® recipe with the addition of chilli, pepper and horseradish for that extra kick.
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Herbamare® Diet Low Salt

herbamare low sodium


$ 10.70

Our low sodium salt with herbs made from potassium chloride, organic vegetables and herbs.
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Kelpamare Seasoning Sauce 85ml

Kelpamare Seasoning Sauce


$ 6.70

A distinctive seasoning sauce prepared from soy sauce, spices and organic vegetables.
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Kidney Tonic

Kidney tonic liquid


$ 21.65

Used to help the kidney in the elimination of water.
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Liver support

liver support


$ 21.65

Tincture of organically grown Cynara scolymus herb. Fresh plant extract.
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