A.Vogel Po-Ho oil - heavenly scented remedy

This powerful, pleasant smelling mixture of essential oils helps clear the tubes – just put ten drops into water and breathe in deeply.

In 1929 it was used as skin protection by all those who wore shorts for skiing (not entirely unheard of nowadays).

 “During my winter stay in the high mountains, I used to go into the nearby windless Alps almost every sunny day for several weeks with my skis, strip to my shorts, hang my clothes on a snow-free ledge or, if they were too high up, on the posts of an Alpine hut, and ski non-stop from about 10 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon.

”These words can be found in the first edition of Alfred Vogel’s magazine, Das Neue Leben (Fresh Start) which first appeared in March 1929 (it later became A.Vogel’s Gesundheits-Nachrichten).  In a detailed article, the 27 year old ‘sporty’ Alfred Vogel tells of the advantages of wearing shorts in the high mountains. When getting undressed, he recommends that there must be no wind. Furthermore, an important piece of advice is always rub yourself immediately – “with a skin oil (or a virgin olive oil mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus, Po-Ho or pine needle oil). Whenever I went on a trip without having rubbed myself with oil, what generally happened was that the skin on my face and neck began to peel, more so when sweating a great deal.  Strong sweat and the warm sunshine reflected from each glistening small snowflake can actually burn the skin.”

Po-Ho: As versatile as Nature

Skiing partially naked, as described by the young Alfred Vogel, has become a very trendy modern day sport. It is highly recommended that an appropriate sun protection be used as climatic conditions in the world have changed considerably since 1929 (that hole in the ozone layer!).

The pioneer of natural health praised Po-Ho oil many times well into old age.  Its strengths are the highly effective essential oils with their wide ranging benefits. Essential oils have enjoyed great popularity for a long time – whether for their stimulating variety of scents for every room, as a massage oil, for inhalation or for use in aromatherapy. The number of essential oils with their diverse perfumes, which can be used for many different purposes, has risen considerably. There is a scent for every emotional state, every room and for every time of day – which is good.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Caraway and Co.

Traditional Po-Ho oil is the classic amongst oils. The essential oils, produced from fresh plants, are mixed with water and distilled. A floating layer separates off in the distillate: the insoluble aromatic substances, the pure essential oil. Po-Ho oil contains the essential oils of peppermint (Po-Ho is (Mandarin) Chinese for peppermint), eucalyptus, juniper berries, caraway and fennel.

The use of Po-Ho oil is straightforward: for inhalation a maximum 10 drops of Po-Ho oil in hot water is sufficient; put a towel over your head and breathe in deeply. One can also rub 3-5 drops under the nose, on to a handkerchief or massage into the temples slowly for very quick relief. 

One can also put Po-Ho oil into an oil or incense burner and soon a wonderfully refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus scent will spread round the entire room.

A.Vogel Po-Ho essential oil can be found in health stores and pharmacies.

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