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Echinacea Cream

Echinacea cream


$ 7.71

Use as often as needed before applying make-up, after shaving to help reduce skin inflammation or to assist in healing minor cuts, …
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Echinacea toothpaste

Echinacea herbal toothpaste


$ 7.14

A herbal toothpaste containing fresh extracts of Echinacea purpurea and other organically grown herbs.
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Echinaforce Forte Echinacea tablets

High strength Echinacea

30 tabs

$ 20.99

Higher strength Echinacea tablets. Helps fight colds and flu.
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Echinaforce Hot Drink Syrup

Echinaforce Cold and Flu Hot Drink


$ 16.79

Your first choice against cold and flu this winter
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Echinaforce Protect 50ml

Echinaforce echinacea tincture


$ 12.99

For the relief of symptoms of common cold and flu. Helps support the immune system. May assist externally with the treatment of boils …
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Echinaforce Sore Throat spray

Echinaforce® sore throat spray


$ 14.31

Contains Echinaforce® and Sage. To relieve sore throats.
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