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Sprouted Oat Flour

Sprouted oat flour is a delicious naturally gluten free flour!

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It's rich, sweet taste and hearty texture is great in cookies, muffins, pancakes and more.

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What is Organic Sprouted Banana Bread Mix?

Organic Sprouted Oat Flour is rich, hearty, sweet and naturally gluten-free! Oats normally grow with an inedible hull that must be removed before milling. Hulless oats are a special variety that naturally grow without a hull, so no damaging dehulling process is needed. This allows us to sprout the whole grain, keeping all the protein and fibre intact.

The whole oat groat goes through a slow soaking and sprouting period to enhance its texture, reduce phytic acid, and make it easier to digest. Sprouting also converts complex carbs to simple sugars, giving oats a delightfully sweet flavour. Next, we carefully dry the sprouted grains to preserve these beneficial changes. Lastly, we finely stone grind the entire sprouted oat groat, resulting in a nutritious, 100% whole grain flour.

It is wonderful in cookies, muffins, pancakes, quick bread, crumbles and more! You can swap 1:1 for unsprouted oat flour. However, sprouted flour tends to be thirsty, so your recipe may need extra liquid. For best results, allow your batter or dough a brief resting period before baking. This simple step will let the flour properly absorb moisture and improve the final texture of the baked good.

Storage & Shelf Life

Our flours are milled with nothing removed or added. This means naturally occurring oils are present after milling. Sprouting helps to stabilize these oils, this keeps the flour from going rancid as quickly as unsprouted flour. All of our sprouted flours can be kept in your pantry at room temperature or kept in the freezer in an airtight container.

Shelf Life: 1 year

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Oat Flour

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Second Spring is family owned, Canadian company. They provide wholesome, organic sprouted products and recipes that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Second Spring utilizes the ancient practice of sprouting to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of grains, seeds, legumes and pulses in today's world without sacrificing taste, texture or nutrition. Their goal is to use these ancient food traditions to create a positive food movement built on not only what food we eat, but how we eat. Second Spring is working with nature to provide you with whole food ingredients that will aid in your vitality!

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